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Mayor’s Statement

The Mayor Cllr Maxine Chakowa read out the following statement at the beginning of the Town Council meeting held tonight. She also thanked the police and Community Safety Partnership representative for attending the Council Meeting and answering questions.

In relation to the incident at the Stag and the public disturbance in Sevenoaks on Saturday 14th April 2018.

Sevenoaks Town Council’s primary aim is to ensure that the town is a safe and pleasant town to live, work and visit. Its voluntary Town Councillors and staff are committed to this and work hard to achieve this.

We understand at the weekend an organisation deliberately booked the Stag under a false name and misled them about the nature of the event. As soon as the deception was discovered the hire was ended. The group dispersed and some anti-social behaviour took place in the town centre which was addressed by the police in a prompt and professional manner.

The Town Council will liaise with the Stag and all community safety organisations including the police to review the incidents and will review protocol for the future. We will take advice on how much of the review should be made public as a matter of public safety we do not want to provide ‘helpful’ information to organisations who might want to try and arrange something similar in the future.

Linda Larter MBE

Chief Executive / Town Clerk

16th April 2018