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PRESS RELEASE: Coppicing at Littlewood Woodland and Open Space

In 2006 Sevenoaks Town Council took over the ownership and management of a small piece of land at the junction of Littlewood and Hillingdon Avenue. After a Woodland Survey was carried out by Esus Woodlands working with the Forestry Commission is was apparent that the 20 + large mature Alder trees at the north of the site would need some attention.

As part of Sevenoaks Town Council’s management plan it has been decided that the mature Alder trees will need to be Coppiced and the work would be carried out in the week commencing 20th February 2017. Before works starts Sevenoaks Town Council will be consulting with the Tree Officer at Sevenoaks District Council and carrying out a Bat Survey.

Coppicing is a traditional technique where a tree is cut to a stump around 12 inches high and then allowed to regrow to produce multiple shoots that grow into new trunks. If coppiced regularly a tree is preserved with stumps re-growing for hundreds of years. Coppicing is also generally good for wildlife, producing a range of habitats as the trees regrow.

For further information please email Sevenoaks Town Council at or visit

Bonnie Tarling
Committee Clerk