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UPDATE: Unauthorised Encampment on Brittains Lane.

UPDATE 12th December 2016

On 9th December 2016 a new unauthorised encampment of vehicles and caravans arrived at Brittains Lane.  By the end of 10th December 2016 they had been moved on.  This was most unfortunate as having spent a long time negotiating Highway related permissions work had started on the installation of bollards to the land that week, however had not been completed.  Work will continue with installing the preventative access bollards the week of 12th December 2016. 

Sevenoaks Town Council is most grateful to the residents of Montreal Park who voluntarily helped to clear the Brittains Lane site after the Travellers left on Saturday evening.

Residents cleared the debris and bagged this up ready for Sevenoaks Town Council staff to collect very early on Monday morning.


10th Decemcber 2016

Sevenoaks Town Council are aware that we have again an unauthorised encampment on Brittains Lane.

Processes have started today for their removal.

This is most unfortunate as work had started this week for the installation of bollards to prevent such trespassing, having spent some time obtaining Highway permissions.

As soon as the trespassers have been removed the preventative work will be completed.


Linda Larter

Chief Executive

Sevenoaks Town Council

10th December 2016