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Sevenoaks Town Council appoint consultants to develop Northern Sevenoaks Masterplan

Following a lengthy tender process and competitive interview Sevenoaks Town Council have appointed Urban Initiatives Studio to develop a masterplan for the Northern Sevenoaks area.

Urban Initatives Studio will be working alongside the Town Council, stakeholders, and members of the public to develop a vision for how the Northern end of the Town could develop over the next 20 – 30 years.

The area of focus is approximately 320HA including the following key sites, among others:

  • Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve

The Town Council is keen to develop ideas for how this valuable asset can be better utilised by the local community, in particular providing additional access points, and improving circular routes around the lakes.

  • Sevenoaks Quarry

Currently operated by Tarmac but upon expiration of the Planning Application will return to community usage in some form. The Town Council has championed proposals for the area to become a water recreation site with associated infrastructure and development on the peripheries. It is hoped the Masterplan will set out a vision for how such a facility can link with existing development and community sites such as Greatness Park.

  • Bat & Ball Station

Sevenoaks Town Council are currently in the final stages of securing a long term lease to the Grade II listed station building with a view to refurbishing it for community uses including hireable halls, public toilets, and a community café.

  • Sevenoaks Community Centre

The site of the Town Council’s ambitious £3m Bat & Ball Conference / Community Centre redevelopment project.

The Masterplan will look at how key development sites can be linked most effectively, in addition to identifying additional sites for community infrastructure and development. 

The Masterplan will form a component of the Town Council’s town-wide Neighbourhood Development Plan and will also feed into Sevenoaks District Council’s ongoing Local Plan review.

Urban Initiatives Studio and Sevenoaks Town Council will be running a workshop on the 12th December at 4pm in the Sevenoaks Community Centre for interested stakeholders to commence the project.

Cllr Andrew Eyre, Mayor of Sevenoaks said:

The development of masterplanning documents is typically the domain of much larger authorities, Sevenoaks Town Council has taken the bold step to commission this document to ensure that future development meets the long term needs of the local community. This is an exciting opportunity for local people and stakeholders to get directly involved in the development of planning policy which will help to influence how their area develops over the coming decades.”

Laura Hart, Urban Design Associate, Urban Initiatives Studio said:

"We (Urban Initiatives Studio) are delighted to be the appointed lead consultants for the Northern Sevenoaks Masterplan.   Along with our partners at Regeneris we will to work closely with Sevenoaks Town Council, stakeholders and local people to create a vision and strategy that will unlock the potential of this area and support and guide future development. We believe that Northern Sevenoaks has a lot to offer.  It has fantastic open spaces and views, character buildings and good transport connections. This project offers an opportunity to help these positive assets to shine and make Northern Sevenoaks a better place to live, work and visit."